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In this page of dotPeek options, you can define the way dotPeek displays and navigates code from the explored assemblies. For more information, see Navigating to Compiled Code.

Use sources from symbol files when available Select this check box to use debug information (PDB files) to find appropriate source files and use them to display and navigate the code.
If this check box is selected and the source files are available via the debug information, dotPeek displays and navigates to the original source code (for portable PDBs, embedded sources can be used).
If this check box is cleared or if source files are not available, dotPeek decompiles the code.

You can always force to display either the decompiled or source code (if it is available via PDB files or from symbol servers). To do so, right-click an item in the Assembly Explorer window and choose Decompiled Sources or Sources from Symbol Files.

Allow downloading from remote locations Select this check box to enable downloading sources from Symbol Server or other remote locations. If symbol files are available both locally and remotely, dotPeek will display local symbol files.

Your computer should be connected to the Internet for this option to work. If you use a proxy server, check if the corresponding option is configured correctly on the Environment | Web Proxy Settings page of dotPeek options.

Show XML documentation in decompiled sources Select this check box to display XML comments in the decompiled code. The comments are only available if the XML documentation file option was enabled to build the assembly. The XML documentation is normally stored in the [AssemblyName].xml file next to the assembly file.
Show compiler-generated code Select this check box to see compiler-generated code in the decompiled files. This option is an alternative to using the Show compiler-generated code button on the toolbar. For more information, see Viewing Compiler-Generated Code.
Show token values Select this check box to display metadata token values in Assembly Explorer window and Code Viewer. For more information, see Viewing Metadata Tokens.
Show IL code in comments Select this check box to display comments with IL code corresponding to the decompiled code in the Code Viewer. For more information, see Viewing Intermediate Language (IL).
Last modified: 14 December 2017

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