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Working with Code

Assemblies can be decompiled and presented as C# code, IL code, or original source code can be fetched from local or remote location using PDB files and symbol servers. For more information, see Code Presentation Options.

dotPeek decompiles code to C# 4.0. If there are async/await modifiers, it decompiles code to C# 5.0. If there are exception filters or auto-property initializers, then C# 6.0 is used to present the decompiled code.

Decompiled or source code is shown in the Code Viewer tabs, which have the look-and-feel of editor tabs in Visual Studio with configurable options for line numbers, word wrap, outlining, white space marks, and more.

Various aspects of working with code are described in the following sections:

Last modified: 14 December 2017

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