dotPeek 2018.1 Help

Navigating to Recent Locations

dotPeek keeps track of your actions and navigation history, and offers some commands that let you navigate to places where you have edited or just studied the code.

Navigating to recently viewed files

Navigate | Recent Files…

This command helps you quickly find a file that you have opened recently.

If the file you are after is not in the list, you can start typing its name to find it — the initial list will narrow down to display only the matching files and at the same time, other matching files from your solution will appear in the list.

Moving through navigation history

Navigate | Navigate Backward/Forward
Ctrl+Num,Minus / Ctrl+Shift+Num,Minus

Using these commands, you can quickly navigate through destinations of dotPeek navigation results. Whenever you use Navigation and Search commands (except Navigate Backward and Navigate Forward of course), the navigation history is recorded and you can go backward and forward within it.

Opening items from the Assembly Explorer window are also recorded as dotPeek navigation events.

Last modified: 20 August 2018