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Assembly Explorer window

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Assembly Explorer allows opening multiple assemblies and keeping a list of open assemblies and folders. You can traverse and explore all open assemblies. Expanding an assembly node lists namespaces within the assembly, which can be further expanded to types and type members, as well as assembly references. You can double-click any type to decompile it or fetch source from a symbol server (depending on your settings).
In addition, the Assembly Explorer contains nodes representing base types and inheritors of the current type.

dotPeek's Assembly Explorer window

To filter items in the Assembly Explorer, use the search box on top. Note that you can use CamelHumps and metadata tokens here.

ThemedIcon AssemblyAdd Screen Gray png Open Opens an assembly from project file, library file, or a ZIP archive. For more information, see Open and Close Assemblies.
ThemedIcon AddFolder Screen Gray png Explore Folder Allows choosing a folder to be explored recursively and loading all assemblies found in this folder. For more information, see Find Assemblies in Folders.

Since dotPeek processes the selected folder recursively, make sure not to add a folder that may contain too many assemblies (for example Program Files). It might take long to load all assemblies in dotPeek.

ThemedIcon AssemblyExplorerOpenFromGac Screen Gray png Open from GAC Allows opening one or more assemblies from Global Assembly Cache (GAC). For more information, see Open Assemblies from Global Assembly Cache.
ThemedIcon AddFromNugetCache Screen Gray png Open from NuGet Packages Cache Helps you find and open desired NuGet packages from the local NuGet package cache.
ThemedIcon AddNugetPackage Screen Gray png Open from NuGet Helps you find and open desired NuGet packages from the specified NuGet package sources ( or custom).
ThemedIcon AddProcess Screen Gray png Open from Running Process Opens the Process Explorer window to explore assemblies of the currently running processes.
ThemedIcon WorkspaceLoad Screen Gray png Open Assembly List Opens a list of assemblies saved with the Save Assembly List command. For more information, see Opening assembly list
ThemedIcon WorkspaceSave Screen Gray png Save Assembly List Saves the list of assemblies currently opened in Assembly Explorer. For more information, see Saving current assembly list

An assembly list is saved as links to local resources and therefore might not be opened correctly on other computers.

ThemedIcon WorkspaceClear Screen Gray png Clear Assembly Explorer Removes all assemblies from the Assembly Explorer.
ThemedIcon ProjectGeneration Screen Gray png Export to Project Exports the selected assembly to a Visual Studio project. For more information, see Export Assembly to Project.
ThemedIcon SourcesFromSymbolFiles Screen Gray png Generate PDB Generates symbol files (PDB and source files) for the selected assembly. For more information, see Generate PDB Files.
Last modified: 08 May 2020