dotPeek 2024.1 Help

Code outlining

By default, code outlining is enabled in the code viewer, and you can adjust outlining settings for each tab separately.

All code in the Code Viewer is visible when you open a new document. If necessary, you can collapse regions of the code to hide them from view. In each tab of the Code Viewer a vertical line appears on the left edge. Squares with a minus sign (-) identify the start of collapsible code regions. When you click a minus sign, the text of the code region is replaced with a three periods box (…), and the minus sign changes to a plus sign (+). When you click the plus sign, the collapsed code appears and the plus sign changes to the minus sign.

Alternatively, you can toggle outlining for the current selection or for the whole document using commands in the main menu under View | Outlining.

To analyze documents with commented code, dotPeek outlines multi-line comment blocks, so that you can collapse these if necessary.

Enable or disable outlining for the current document

  • To disable outlining and display all code, choose View | Outlining | Stop Outlining or View | Outlining | Stop Hiding Current in the main menu.

  • To enable outlining, choose View | Outlining | Start Automatic Outlining in the main menu.

Last modified: 11 February 2024