dotPeek 2024.1 Help

Parameter Information

Whenever you are studying a function call, dotPeek helps you view details on the allowed arguments for all overloads of the function. In a popup, you will see all public signatures with parameters and brief description taken from the function's XML documentation, if it is available .

Use Parameter Info

To study alternative signatures of an existing function call, place the caret inside the function's parentheses and then press Control+P or choose from the main menu.

Viewing available method signatures using the dotPeek's parameter information popup

When the parameter information popup is shown, you can press Control+P/Control+Alt+Shift+Space or use arrow buttons to scroll through the list of method overloads.

The parameter information popup is displayed as long as you move the caret within the method parentheses; you can close it by pressing Escape.

This feature is inspired by and borrowed from JetBrains ReSharper, a developer productivity tool for Microsoft Visual Studio.

Last modified: 11 February 2024