dotPeek 2023.3 Help

Compare assemblies, NuGet packages, and more

dotPeek allows you to compare two assemblies, NuGet packages, archives, or folders. Each comparison is presented as a separate top-level node in the Assembly Explorer; you can expand this node and see differences in the assembly structure right away, and in addition to that, you can double-click types, members, and other elements to see a text-based comparison in the specified diff tool.

Initiate comparison

  1. Click Compare on the Assembly Explorer toolbar or choose File | Compare... from the menu , select two files or folders for comparison in the dialog that opens, and click OK.

  2. Alternatively, right-click an assembly, a NuGet package, or a folder in the Assembly Explorer, choose Compare With, and then select an entity for comparison.

  3. The comparison will appear as a new top-level node in the Assembly Explorer.

dotPeek: Assembly comparison node in the Assembly Explorer

Elements within the comparison node (types, members, files) are highlighted in different colors with the following meanings:

  • Green — the element is present in the second assembly and absent in the first assembly.

  • Red — the element is present in the first assembly and absent in the second assembly.

  • Violet — the element is present in both assemblies, and it has differences.

When you double-click an element with differences, the comparison opens in an external diff tool. If the diff tool is not specified, a dialog will appear where you can specify it:

dotPeek: Select Diff Tool dialog

If any of the following applications are installed on your machine, dotPeek will detect them and suggest using one of them as the diff tool: Visual Studio, KDiff, Beyond Compare, WinMerge, P4Merge, and Meld. Alternatively, specify the path to a diff tool and command line arguments to open the compared documents. The documents are referred to as $1 and $2. The selected tool and its arguments will be saved for later comparisons, and you can change it on the Diff page of dotPeek options Ctrl+Alt+S.

To finish comparing assemblies, select the comparison node and press Delete or right-click it and choose Remove Item from List.

Last modified: 05 January 2024