dotPeek 2024.1 Help

Explore assembly and portable PDB Metadata

dotPeek can help you explore assembly metadata and dig through all items (tables, blobs, strings, and so on) inside it.

All metadata items are displayed in a categorized tree view in the Metadata node that appears under each assembly in the Assembly Explorer window. Noticeable features of this node include:

  • Automatically finding and displaying usages of metadata table items.

  • Decoding and displaying values of blob items.

  • On double-click, decompiling and displaying code that corresponds to the metadata item.

  • Exploring PE file headers.

  • Exploring contents of Debug and Resource directories.

  • Exploring contents of the associated standalone or embedded Portable PDB.

  • Navigation to embedded sources

  • Navigation to source_link.json.

  • Display of embedded CustomDebugInformation blobs.

Locate symbol in metadata tree

  • Place the caret at the desired symbol in the editor or select it in the Assembly Explorer, press Control+Shift+G, and choose Locate in Metadata.

Exploring assembly metadata with dotPeek
Last modified: 11 February 2024