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Starting Manual Test Session for Startup Project

ReSharper | Cover | Cover Startup Project

The easiest way to start a manual test session is to run the startup project of your Visual Studio solution under control of dotCover. All executable .NET project types are supported. With a single keystroke, dotCover will rebuild the project and start the coverage test run.

To run the startup project under dotCover Control

  1. On the Visual Studio main menu, choose ReSharper | Cover | Cover Startup Project or press Ctrl+Alt+K,P.
  2. dotCover will open the Coverage Controller dialog box and then run the startup project of the current solution.
  3. When the target application or process is started, you can record code coverage of the test session.

dotCover will run the startup project using the current build configuration, in the same way as when you press F5 in Visual Studio. Before running coverage analysis, make sure that the PDB information exists for all target assemblies. The safest choice would be to set the Debug as the build configuration.

If you need to run the project with custom configuration without changing the debug (or release) configuration, you can do so by choosing ReSharper | Cover | Cover Application or pressing Ctrl+Alt+K,K. For more information, see Starting Manual Test Session for External Applications.

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Last modified: 5 January 2016