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Starting from version 2.0, dotCover features its own unit test runner engine. This engine allows it to execute and debug unit test and to run coverage analysis of unit tests in Visual Studio or using the command-line utility.

Analyzing code coverage of unit tests in Visual Studio is one of the major usage scenarios for dotCover. It allows developers and test engineers to quickly locate parts of code not covered with unit tests and adjust their testing activities accordingly.


dotCover shares the unit test support with another JetBrains .NET developer tool, ReSharper. These two tools have the same unit test runner engines as well as Unit Test Explorer and Unit Test Sessions windows. If you install dotCover after ReSharper, dotCover disables its own unit test runner so that you can continue using ReSharper's unit test commands and windows; all additional dotCover commands are integrated in ReSharper menus. For more information, see Sharing Unit Test Support with ReSharper.

The unit test runner allows you to execute unit tests and analyze their coverage in the following scenarios:

  • For the whole solution
  • For any part of the solution that contains unit tests
  • For particular unit tests and unit test classes


Besides unit test sessions, dotCover can record test coverage of manual test sessions and unit tests on the server side.

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