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The dotCover Options dialog box contains almost all configurable settings that affect dotCover behavior.

Using this dialog box, you can:

  • look through default settings and find out why dotCover does this or that
  • change the settings to improve your productivity, minimize distraction or adjust dotCover behavior according to your coding style
  • define custom settings for your solutions or create sets of settings to be used and shared within your team

To configure dotCover options
  1. On the main menu, choose dotCover | Options .
  2. In the dotCover Options dialog box that appears, select a node in the left pane and configure settings in the right pane.


    A set of options displayed in the right pane as a result of selecting a node in the left pane is called page throughout dotCover Help.

  3. Click Save to apply the modifications and let dotCover choose the settings layer, or choose a particular settings layer in the Save To drop-down list. To learn more about saving dotCover settings, see JetBrains .NET Tools Blog: Save or Save To in ReSharper Options.

Click Manage to access the Settings Layers dialog that helps manage settings layers. For more detailed instructions, see Managing and Sharing Options.

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