dotCover Web Help

dotCover shares the unit test support with another JetBrains .NET developer tool, ReSharper. These two tools have the same unit test runner engines as well as Unit Test Explorer and Unit Test Sessions windows. If you install dotCover after ReSharper, dotCover disables its own unit test runner so that you can continue using ReSharper's unit test commands and windows; all additional dotCover commands are integrated in ReSharper menus. For more information, see Sharing Unit Test Support with ReSharper.


If ReSharper is installed together with dotCover and ReSharper's unit test runner is used, you can configure unit testing support and plug-ins related to unit testing in ReSharper options: ReSharper | Options | Tools | Unit Testing. Unit test support options are the same in dotCover and ReSharper.

In dotCover options, you can configure the way dotCover supports unit testing.

To enable or disable unit test support
  1. In the dotCover Options | Unit Testing , tick or clear the Enable Unit Testing check-box.
  2. When the unit testing support is disabled, the dotCover | Unit Tests submenu of the main menu is grayed out; Unit Test Explorer and Unit Test Sessions windows are not available, the text editor integration features for unit tests are disabled.
To configure unit test support
  1. in the dotCover Options | Unit Testing , tick the Enable Unit Testing check-box.
  2. Use the controls on this page to adjust unit testing support.
  3. Out of the box, dotCover supports NUnit and MSTest. You can enable, disable, and configure these separately on the corresponding pages of dotCover options: dotCover Options | Unit Testing | NUnit and dotCover Options | Unit Testing | MSTest


Support for other testing frameworks (e.g. xUnit) is available via dotCover extensions. For more information, see Managing Extensions.