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In Visual Studio:
dotCover | Help | License Information

In dotCover standalone application:
Help | License Information

Use this dialog box to check the status of your dotCover licence, specify license credentials, or obtain licenses. To learn more, see Specifying License Information.


The set of controls in this dialog depends on the selected licensing option.

Item Description
License Displays the current licensing option and allows switching to other options:
  • Free Evaluation - free evaluation license
  • Single User - single user license (Commercial License, Personal License, Academic License, Classroom License, or Open Source License)
  • From License Server - if your company uses a JetBrains licence server, you can use it as a licensing option. If necessary, specify TCP/IP connection parameters. To learn more, see Specifying License Information
  • Using JetBrains account - if you have a dotCover license added to your JetBrains Account, you can specify your account detains and dotCover will apply the license automatically.
Licensed To:
Appears for the single user option
User name to whom the license is issued.
License Key
Appears for the single user option
Valid license key.
License Server
Appears for the license server option
IP address or host name of your license server This makes sense if UNC support is restricted in your network environment.
Auto detect
Appears for the license server option
Select this check box to let dotCover automatically detect path to your license server.
Obtain permanent license
Appears for the license server option
Click this button to obtain a permanent license with the Obtain Permanent License dialog box. This can be helpful if you use a JetBrains License Server but plan to work without access to the corporate network.
Purchase Click this button to open the dotCover Pricing" section at the dotCover web site.