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This page of dotCover options summarizes general settings of the dotCover environment.

Item Description
User Interface
Confirm closing unsaved snapshots If this check box is selected, dotCover will show a dialog box suggesting to save unsaved coverage snapshots when you close Visual Studio or corresponding tabs in the Coverage Results Browser or in the Coverage area of the Unit Test Sessions window . For more information, see Saving and Opening Coverage Snapshot.
Save and restore snapshots with Unit Test Sessions If this check box is selected, dotCover will automatically save and restore any coverage snapshots that are shown in the Unit Test Sessions window.
Filter out system and auxiliary assemblies Allows excluding these assemblies from coverage analysis. By default, this option is enabled. You might only need to disable it if you are analysing source code of Microsoft assemblies.
Auto map source file paths in snapshots This option only matters for coverage snapshots taken in other computers. If this check box is selected, dotCover will try to match the file paths in the snapshot to the local file paths.
If the paths are mapped successfully, then you will be able to visualize code coverage in files and navigate to covering tests.
If dotCover fails to map the paths correctly, then the both features may not work. In this case, you can deselect this check box.
Show 'Report Error' dialog box each time dotCover encounters an internal error If this check box is selected, dotCover will show the corresponding dialog box. The reported errors will help improve product quality.
Application icons theme These radio buttons help switching between different sets of dotCover UI icons. You can leave the default option of automatic selection or choose an icon set that will be most comfortable for you for the selected Visual Studio theme.


dotCover's settings are saved in settings layers that enable you to have different settings for different solutions as well as to share your settings with your team. To learn more, study the Managing and Sharing Options section.

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