dotCover Web Help

After you run unit tests with or without coverage analysis, the Output area of the Unit Test Sessions window provides detailed reports on failed unit tests. You can analyze these reports and navigate to the source code of the reported items right from the Output area.


dotCover shares the unit test support with another JetBrains .NET developer tool, ReSharper. These two tools have the same unit test runner engines as well as Unit Test Explorer and Unit Test Sessions windows. If you install dotCover after ReSharper, dotCover disables its own unit test runner so that you can continue using ReSharper's unit test commands and windows; all additional dotCover commands are integrated in ReSharper menus. For more information, see Sharing Unit Test Support with ReSharper.

To navigate from unit test results to a test declaration
  1. In the tree view of the Unit Test Sessions window, select a failed test entry.
  2. In the preview pane of the Unit Test Sessions window, click one of the links. The corresponding test class or method declaration will be shown in the text editor.