dotCover Web Help

In Visual Studio:
dotCover | Cover Application

In dotCover standalone application:
File | Cover Application

With dotCover, you can run manual test sessions for Silverlight Web applications that have PDB information. dotCover will start the page where the target Silverlight application is hosted in the specified Web browser, allowing you to execute the test scenario and record its coverage.

Before you start analyzing coverage of a Silverlight application, make sure that:

  1. Silverlight 4 Developer Runtime or higher is installed on your computer. You can get the runtime at the Official Microsoft Silverlight web site.
  2. A Web page with your Silverlight application is started and running on a Web server.


The application or process you choose must have PDB information. Otherwise, dotCover will not be able to record the coverage information. For more information, see where to search for PDB information

To start a manual test session for a Silverlight application
  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Visual Studio main menu, choose dotCover | Cover Application or press Ctrl+Alt+K,K.
    • On the main menu of dotCover standalone application, choose File | Cover Application or press Ctrl+C
  2. In the Cover Application dialog box that appears, choose Silverlight Application and click OK.
  3. The Coverage Configuration dialog box opens.
  4. In the Url field, type the URL of the Web page where your Silverlight application is hosted. As long as you have PDB information, it is not important whether the Web page is running on the local or a remote server.
  5. If necessary, in the Browser drop-down list, change the Web browser that should be used to open the Web page.


    To analyze coverage of a Silverlight Web application, dotCover needs to restart the Web browser process. If your default browser is currently in use, close it or choose another browser.

  6. The only place where dotCover can find PDB information of your Silverlight application is an explicitly specified path.
    Click Edit Symbol Search Policy button and specify the path in the Search path field. If the button is hidden, click the arrow in the bottom of the Coverage options section to display it. For more information, see PDB and symbol search policy.
  7. Click Run. dotCover will open the dotCover Controller dialog box and then run the specified Web page with the Siverlight application in the selected Web browser.
  8. If the Start profiling immediately check box was selected, the test session is started immediately. Otherwise, dotCover waits until you click Start Profiling in the dotCover Controller dialog box. When the test session is started, you can record code coverage in the test session.


Another way to analyze coverage of a Silverlight application is to use the .NET Process option.