dotCover Web Help

In Visual Studio:
dotCover | Cover Application

In dotCover standalone application:
File | Cover Application

With dotCover, you can run manual test sessions for WCF Service Libraries that have PDB information. dotCover will start the specified WCF Service Library and optionally a client application, allowing you to execute the test scenario and record its coverage.

To start a manual test session for a WCF Service Library
  1. Do one of the following:
    • On the Visual Studio main menu, choose dotCover | Cover Application or press Ctrl+Alt+K,K.
    • On the main menu of dotCover standalone application, choose File | Cover Application or press Ctrl+C
  2. In the Cover Application dialog box that appears, choose WCF Service Library and click OK.
  3. The Coverage Configuration dialog box opens.
  4. Choose one of WCF Service Hosts in the WCF Host drop-down list.


    Depending on the selected WCF Host the appropriate runtime is used.

  5. Specify the path to the WCF Service Library ([libraryName].dll) in the Library path field.
  6. If the library configuration file ([libraryName].dll.config) is located in the same directory, dotCover detects it automatically. Otherwise, specify the path to the library configuration file in the Config path field.
  7. Optionally, click the arrow in the bottom of the Application options area to configure additional application settings:
    • In the Client path field, you can specify the path to an executable file of the WCF client application. It will be run after the service is started and hosted.
    • If you need to pass any command line arguments to the client application, type them in the Client Arguments field or click the ellipsis button and choose a file to append to the argument string.
  8. To configure additional coverage options, click the arrow in the bottom of the Coverage options section.
    The Edit Symbol Search Policy button that appears, allows specifying where to search for PDB information.
  9. Click Run. dotCover will open the dotCover Controller dialog box and then run the specified WCF service library and the specified client application, if any.
  10. If the Start profiling immediately check box was selected, the test session is started immediately. Otherwise, dotCover waits until you click Start Profiling in the dotCover Controller dialog box. When the test session is started, you can record code coverage in the test session.