dotCover Web Help

No matter what type of coverage analysis you perform, coverage of unit tests, coverage of manual tests, or coverage of tests on server side, dotCover saves the results in a coverage snapshot. You can then further investigate these results using one of the tool windows of dotCover:

  • Coverage Results Browser (available in both Visual Studio and dotCover standalone application) - this tool window allows opening coverage snapshots recorded during manual test sessions or saved in a file.
    If the current snapshot contains assemblies that correspond to the current solution, you can navigate to source code of any item within the snapshot by double-clicking on it.
  • Unit Test Sessions (only available in Visual Studio) - this tool window displays the hierarchy of unit tests in the current test session. The Coverage area in this window allows displaying coverage tree and synchronizing it with unit tests.
    Coverage analysis options here are the same as in the Coverage Results Browser, plus you can view total coverage of each unit test or test class.

The ways of exploring and studying coverage results include: