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Viewing Total Coverage of Particular Unit Test Item

When you analyze a coverage snapshot of a unit test run in the Unit Test Sessions Window, you can choose between two ways of calculating total the coverage: as the coverage of all unit tests or as the coverage of the unit test item (unit test or unit test class) selected in the unit test tree.

To view total coverage of a particular unit test item

  1. In a solution that contains unit tests, run unit tests with coverage analysis.
  2. In the Unit Test Sessions Window that opens, find the unit test item whose coverage you need to view.
  3. In the toolbar of the Coverage area of the window, click Show coverage for selected tests ThemedIcon.JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationResourcesCoverageTreeToolBarSelectedTest.Screen.[Gray].
  4. The total coverage will be recalculated to match the coverage of the selected unit test item.
  5. You can select other items in the unit test tree; the total coverage will be recalculated automatically unless you disable this option by clicking this button again.

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Last modified: 15 December 2016