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Continuous Testing Session window

ReSharper | Windows | Continuous Testing Session
ReSharper | Unit Tests | Show Continuous Testing Session

This window lets you control continuous testing.

continuous testing session

Status Bar and Progress Bar

The progress bar and the status bar under the toolbar display the current progress. On the status bar, you can see the total number of tests in the session as well as number of tests in different states:

Unit test filters
By default, tests in all states are shown, but you can click the corresponding icons to filter tests by their state. You can also Ctrl-click several icons to display tests in several different states.

ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingInScope Screen Gray ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingOutOfScope Screen Gray Show In Scope / Out of Scope Tests

These two icons work together as a switch to display either tests that are in or out of scope of continuous testing.

You can use other status bar icons to apply additional filtering. To clear filtering and display all in scope / out of scope tests, deselect all other icons.

ThemedIcon Success Screen Gray Passed Tests Only show successful tests and hide all other tests.
ThemedIcon StatusFailedPassive Screen Gray Failed Tests Only show failed tests and hide all other tests.
ThemedIcon Ignore Screen Gray Ignored Tests Only show ignored tests and hide all other tests. A test is ignored if it has the corresponding attribute, or if the whole category where it belongs is ignored.
ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingDirtyTest Screen Gray Dirty Tests Only show dirty tests.
ThemedIcon SessionLog Screen Gray Execution log Lets you see either the number of test execution errors (related to the execution process, not tests themselves) or shows OK if there are no errors.
You can click this icon to show or hide the. execution log.

Toolbar Controls


This selector lets you choose continuous testing mode.

ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingRunDirtyTests Screen Gray Run Dirty Tests

Runs dirty tests.

ThemedIcon RunAll Screen Gray Run All Shown Tests

Runs all tests that are currently displayed in the window.

ThemedIcon RunTest Screen Gray Run Unit Tests Ctrl+T R Runs selected tests. To select multiple texts, use the Ctrl key.
ThemedIcon StopTest Screen Gray Stop Execution Stops the current test session.
ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingExcludeFromScope Screen Gray ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingIncludeInScope Screen Gray Exclude from /Include to Scope These buttons allow excluding selected items from scope of continuous testing (when in-scope tests ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingInScope Screen Gray are shown) or include tests back into scope (when out-of-scope tests ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingOutOfScope Screen Gray are shown).
ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationVsResourcesContinuousTestingTrash Screen Gray Drop Results Removes test execution results, i.e. makes all tests dirty.
ThemedIcon TrackRun Screen Gray Track Running Test If this button is on, the selection in the list of tests is switched automatically to the test that is currently executing.
ThemedIcon ScrollToBottom Screen Gray Auto Scroll Output When Running Test This button enables the output pane to scroll when the test is running so that the end of the output is always visible.
ThemedIcon Time Screen Gray Show Time Allows you to show or hide execution time for each item in the test session.
ThemedIcon ExpandAll Screen Gray ThemedIcon CollapseAll Screen Gray Expand All/ Collapse All Expands/collapses all nodes in the current tab.
ThemedIcon Up Screen Gray ThemedIcon Down Screen Gray Previous/ Next
Shift+F8 / F8
Navigate to the previous/next item and scrolls through the source code accordingly.
ThemedIcon PreviewToggle Screen Gray Show Output Ctrl+P

This selector allows you to open the Output and the Coverage panes and place them to the bottom or to the right of the window.

The Output pane lets you analyze test results and navigate from a failed test's output to the code lines that originated the assertion or exception, all with a single click.

The Coverage pane displays the code coverage tree or the hot spots view and provides the same controls and functions as Coverage Results Browser window, plus the Show coverage for selected tests ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotCoverPresentationResourcesCoverageTreeToolBarSelectedTest Screen Gray button that allows viewing total coverage of particular unit test item.

ThemedIcon Export Screen Gray Export Click this button to export the data currently displayed in the window in text format, or use the drop-down selector to export the data in XML or HTML format. The Export Data dialog that appears, will help you to save the data to a file or copy it to the clipboard.
ThemedIcon StackTraceExplorerToolWindow Screen Gray Show Stack Trace in a new Window Ctrl+Shift+Alt+E Opens the output of the currently selected test in a new tab of the Stack Trace Explorer window.
Last modified: 17 April 2018