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The Settings Layers dialog is the central control panel for managing dotCover options. It displays all settings layers available for the current solution and provides controls for managing these settings.

dotCover. 'Setting Layers' dialog

The dialog has the following controls:

Import From Provides a drop-down list with commands for importing and exporting settings from the selected setting layer.
Copy Settings To With this drop-down list, you can copy settings from the selected layer to any other layer.
Reset All Settings Clears values for all settings in all settings layers. After applying this command, dotCover apply values defined in the default settings layer.
Add Layer ThemedIcon AddedParameter Screen Color This button allows you to add a custom settings layer by creating a new one or opening a settings file.
Edit Layer ThemedIcon Settings Screen Color Click this button next to a particular layer to open the Options dialog in the layer mode to configure values for the settings in this layer. The layer mode is indicated in the Options dialog by the name of the layer displayed in the upper-left corner:
options for layer
Move Up/Move down These buttons allow moving up and down custom settings layers within a default layer group. By moving the layers you change the order they are applied and override each other. Note that these buttons are active only when a custom layer is selected; you cannot move the default settings layers.
Options Opens the Options dialog where you can configure dotCover preferences.
Last modified: 17 April 2018

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