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What's New in dotCover

dotCover 2017.3

  • .NET Core tests coverage support in the continuous testing mode for NUnit and xUnit.
  • Quick evaluation of coverage results.The "shield" icon in the right gutter of the Visual Studio editor allows you to quickly view total coverage percentage and the number of failed tests. Clicking on the icon navigates you through the uncovered statements.
  • Improved ‘Show Covering Statements’. Now, after you use Show Covering Tests in the editor, the popup window tells you what exact part of your code is covered by these tests: a class, a method, or a particular statement.

dotCover 2017.2

  • .NET Core tests coverage support for MSTest.
  • Improved performance. Before 2017.2, working with continuous testing on large solutions was a real headache: while tests were executed really fast, it could take several minutes until the subsequent coverage session was finished. The problem no longer exists in dotCover 2017.2: due to the new snapshot format, dotCover provides much faster processing of coverage results.
  • Coverage results are now shown not only for specific tests, but also for test groups, projects, categories, etc.
  • Color-blind markers. Now, markers are able to indicate coverage and test results not only with color but also with their shape.
  • Add coverage data from snapshots. Now, when viewing coverage results of a particular unit test session,you can merge them with coverage data from a snapshot.

dotCover 2017.1

  • Highlighting using colored background. Since the new highlighting style (using markers) may not be a good fit for all use cases, we've added an option to switch between markers and colored background or to display both. The old highlighting style also supports the updated logic and displays both tests coverage and test results.

dotCover 2016.3

dotCover 2016.2

dotCover 2016.1

dotCover 10.0

dotCover 3.0

dotCover 2.6

  • Ability to use separate Application Domains for unit test assemblies.
  • Extension Manager dialog.
  • Support for Visual Studio 2013.

dotCover 2.5

dotCover 2.0

Last modified: 17 April 2018