dotCover 2019.3 Help


ReSharper | Options | Cover | Filtering

This page allows you to configure coverage filters. Use them to narrow the coverage scope.

Assembly-, type-, type-member-level coverage filters

Click Edit to edit or add new runtime coverage filters.

Additional filters for application / startup project coverage analysis

Allows excluding certain assemblies from coverage analysis. Applied in runtime.
If you want to analyze coverage for assemblies from several solutions at once, clear Exclude non-solution assemblies.
If, for some reason, you need to get coverage for system assemblies as well, clear Exclude system assemblies.
If you want to analyze coverage only for assemblies from your solution (default), select both check boxes.

Exclude auto-properties from coverage results

Excludes auto-generated properties from coverage results. Use this setting to reduce noise in the resulting coverage tree.

Exclude file masks

A list of masks that allows excluding files (that is code in these files) from coverage results.

Click Add to add a new exclude filter. Note that filters support ?, *, and ** wildcards. For example, to exclude all .cs files that have NUnit in their path and end with .generated, use **\*NUnit*\**\*.generated.cs.

Last modified: 3 March 2020