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This page summarizes general preferences for code coverage.

Confirm closing unsaved snapshots

If this checkbox is selected, dotCover will show a dialog suggesting to save unsaved coverage snapshots when you close Visual Studio or corresponding tabs in the Coverage Results Browser window nor in the Unit Test Coverage window. For more information, see Saving and Opening Coverage Snapshot.

Auto map source file paths in snapshots

This option only matters for coverage snapshots taken in other computers. If this checkbox is selected, dotCover will try to match the file paths in the snapshot to the local file paths.
If the paths are mapped successfully, then you will be able to visualize code coverage in files and navigate to covering tests.
If dotCover fails to map the paths correctly, then the both features may not work. In this case, you can deselect this checkbox.

Use NGen images if supported

If selected, may speed up coverage analysis: The application under coverage executes faster. Note that in some cases, using NGen images might be not possible. This will result in an application exception in case of getting coverage of an app and inconclusive tests in case of getting coverage of unit tests. In both cases, the setting must be disabled.

Use preloaded Unit Test runners

If selected, speeds up the startup phase of unit tests coverage analysis. Normally, you should not disable this setting unless asked by the dotCover support.

Last modified: 3 March 2020