dotCover 2021.1 Help

Coverage Controller dialog

In Visual Studio:
ReSharper | Cover |Cover Startup Project
Control+Alt+K P
ReSharper | Cover |Cover Application | [application type] | Run
Control+Alt+K K

In dotCover standalone application:
File | Cover Application
Control+Alt+K K

This dialog allows recording results of an application coverage run.

Coverage Controller dialog
TitleDisplays the name of the executable and the process started under dotCover control.
Get Snapshot and Wait/Get Snapshot and StartUse this button to finish the current test session and obtain the coverage snapshot without terminating the target .NET process. If you click Get Snapshot and Start, dotCover will start recording coverage results right after taking the snapshot.
DropUse this button to stop the current test session without obtaining a coverage snapshot and without terminating the target .NET process.
KillUse this button to terminate the target .NET process(es) and close the dialog without obtaining a coverage snapshot.
Details viewYou can use the expand/collapse button on the right to show or hide details view. In this view, you can see the target process with its PID as well as the number of snapshots taken during the current session.
Last modified: 08 March 2021