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Starting Manual Test Session for External Applications

In Visual Studio:
ReSharper | Cover | Cover Application

In dotCover standalone application:
File | Cover Application

dotCover allows you running manual test sessions for .NET applications and processes that have PDB information. You can analyze coverage for the following types of applications and processes:

Pdb and symbol search policy

Locating PDB information and code symbols of the target application is vital for calculating coverage. Therefore, dotCover uses several ways to search for PDB and symbol information when covering external applications.

By default, most of these ways are enabled and dotCover will not have any difficulties locating PDB information. However, you can configure the symbol search policy each time you run coverage of an external application by clicking Edit Symbol Search Policy in the Coverage Configuration dialog box.

You can opt for using the following search ways:

  • Search path - alternative search path for PDB files.
  • Query registry for symbol search paths - try to find PDB files using symbol search paths in the registry.
  • Access symbol server - search for PDB files on a symbol server. The server path is taken from the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable.
  • Search the path specified in the Debug folder - if the application is started from the ...\bin\Release folder, search for PDB files in the ...\bin\Debug folder.
  • Look for the PDB in the application startup folder - search for PDB files in the same folder where the application executable file is located.

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Last modified: 4 December 2014
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