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Coverage of Unit Test Session

With dotCover integrated into Visual Studio, you can create unit test sessions that include any combination of unit tests and test classes. For example, you can gather all unit tests that target a particular feature and then run them all when necessary. It is also useful to analyze coverage of each unit test session.

To analyze coverage of a unit test session

  1. Open the Unit Test Sessions window by choosing ReSharper | Unit Tests | Unit Test Sessions on the main menu or pressing Ctrl+Alt+R.
  2. If you have not yet arranged any test session, see Working with Unit Tests for guidelines. Otherwise, open a tab with the desired unit test session in the Unit Test Sessions window.
  3. Click Cover All Tests with dotCover icon_cover_all on the toolbar.
  4. The resulted coverage snapshot will be displayed in the new Coverage area where you can analyze it.

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Last modified: 27 May 2015