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dotCover is an add-in for Visual Studio. It supports Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2912 and 2013. After installation, you will find the dotCover menu entry on the main menu of Visual Studio. Most dotCover commands are available in this menu. However, there are a lot of integrated features in the editor, Solution Explorer and other Visual Studio windows. dotCover commands are also available with keyboard shortcuts.


JetBrains TeamCity comes bundled with dotCover Console Runner. Just by enabling the corresponding configuration option you can collect code coverage for your .Net project and then view coverage statistics and detailed coverage reports. The Visual Studio add-in provided by TeamCity allows connecting to the TeamCity server to fetch coverage snapshots automatically. For more information, see TeamCity Visual Studio Addin.


A highlight of TypeMock Isolator.NET 6.2. is its integration with dotCover. Coverage analysis is supported in TypeMock unit tests.


dotCover can generate coverage reports in the NDepend-compatible format. For more information, see NDepend Coverage Data FAQ: How to get XML Coverage Files from JetBrains DotCover

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Last modified: 27 May 2015