dotCover 2024.1 Help

External .NET Processes

If you need to analyze coverage of a .NET process that is started in a custom way, you can start the Coverage Controller first, and then start your .NET process. dotCover will then attach to the process automatically and record coverage analysis while the process is executed.

To analyze coverage of an arbitrary .NET process

  1. Do one of the following:

    • In Visual Studio, press Control+Alt+K K or choose ReSharper | Cover | Cover Application… from the main menu

    • In dotCover standalone application, press Control+Alt+K K or choose File | Cover Application... from the menu.

  2. If you can't guarantee that the analyzed process will be the first process started after you run the coverage analysis session, set up a process filter in Process filters under Specify coverage options.

  3. Under Run analysis, click Start. dotCover will open the Coverage Controller dialog and then run the selected application.

  4. If the Collect coverage data from start checkbox was selected, the coverage run starts immediately. Otherwise, dotCover waits until you click Start in the Coverage Controller dialog. When the coverage run is started, you can record code coverage.

  5. Start your .NET process.

    As soon as dotCover detects the process that matches the specified filter, the controls in the Coverage Controller dialog become enabled, and you can start the coverage run.

Last modified: 09 April 2024