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Extension Manager

ReSharper | Options | Environment | Extension Manager

This page lists all NuGet packages sources used by Extension Manager dialog for getting dotCover extensions. By default, .NET Products Gallery is included as the primary source. You can also specify extra sources – local or remote file system or a custom NuGet feed - to install personal or company-wide extensions that target your specific needs.

Positions of the items in the list define their priorities, which means that if there is a package that is available from multiple sources, it will be installed from a higher priority source.

Include prerelease packages If this option is enabled, dotCover will That is when the package version includes a suffix such as -alpha, -beta, or -rc. For more information, see package versioning guidelines in Microsoft docs.
AddClick this button to add a new NuGet package source. In the dialog that opens, you can either specify a URL or click ... to specify a local path where you save NuGet packages.
EditClick this button to edit the selected NuGet package source.
RemoveClick this button to remove the selected NuGet package source.
Move UpClick this button to move the selected NuGet package source up in the list thus raising its priority.
Move DownClick this button to move the selected NuGet package source down in the list thus lowering its priority.
Last modified: 20 July 2021