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This page summarizes general preferences for code coverage.

Use NGen native images

If selected, .NET Framework runtime will be allowed to load application's native images during coverage analysis. This may speed up the analysis: The application under coverage executes faster. Note that in some cases, using NGen images might be not possible. This will result in an application exception in case of getting coverage of an app and inconclusive tests in case of getting coverage of unit tests. In both cases, the setting must be disabled.

Preload test runners

Speeds up the startup phase of unit tests coverage analysis as the unit test runners are already loaded into memory. Normally, you should not disable this setting unless asked by the dotCover support.

Run test classes in parallel

If selected, dotCover will run test classes within an assembly in parallel. This may speed up coverage analysis. Note that the maximum number of processes running in parallel is defined by the Maximum number of test runners to run in parallel option on the Tools | Unit Testing | General page of dotCover options Alt+R, O.

Close unsaved snapshots without confirmation

If this checkbox is cleared, dotCover will show a dialog suggesting to save unsaved coverage snapshots when you close Visual Studio or corresponding tabs in the Coverage Results Browser window or in the Unit Test Coverage window . For more information, refer to Save and Open Coverage Snapshot.

Open Unit Test Coverage tool window automatically

Use this selector to choose whether and when to open the Unit Test Coverage window.

Last modified: 09 April 2024