dotCover 2023.1 Help

Set up Coverage on a Third-Party CI Server

You can use dotCover with any continuous integration (CI) server to add test coverage reports to the artifacts of your builds of .NET applications. dotCover supports several output formats. For example, you can set up your build script to take the HTML output and publish it or to take the XML output and apply further XSLT transformations for your particular needs.

Set up coverage analysis on a CI server

  1. Download dotCover command line tools package for the required operating system.

  2. Copy the archive to the CI server.

  3. Configure your build script to run the console runner executable (dotCover.exe) after all your assemblies are built. For example, you can run the cover command: dotCover cover config.xml

  4. Edit the configuration file(s) (for example, in the example above: config.xml) so that the console runner could start the desired test runner (MSTest, NUnit, xUnit, MSpec, and so on) with necessary parameters, and create the desired output. For more information, see Console Runner Configuration and Coverage Analysis from the Command Line

Last modified: 12 July 2021