dotCover 2020.3 Help

Coverage Filters dialog

Control+Alt+K F

In Visual Studio:
ReSharper | Cover | Edit Coverage Filters...

In dotCover standalone application:
File | Edit Coverage Filters...

This dialog lists all coverage filters set up globally and for the current solution. The controls in this dialog allow you to manage coverage filters.

dotCover: Coverage Filters dialog
Add Filter Click this button to add a new coverage filter with the help of the Add Coverage Filter dialog.
Edit Click this button to modify the selected coverage filter with the help of the Edit Coverage Filter dialog.
Delete Click to remove the selected coverage filter.
Group by:
  • Scope

  • Kind

Use this selector to choose visual grouping of coverage filter within the dialog. For example, when you choose Scope, all filters grouped by scopes, then by kinds.
Save Click this button to save changes.

Solution-wide filters are saved in the Solution team-shared settings layer and, therefore, can be shared within other developers who work on this solution. For more information, see Sharing runtime coverage filters.

Last modified: 08 May 2020