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License Information

Use this dialog box to check the status of your dotMemory licence and specify license credentials. To learn more, see Specifying License Information.

dotMemory. 'License Information' dialog box

If a product has a valid license, or is in the evaluation period, the green check mark is shown next to it, otherwise a red 'no entry' icon is shown.

The controls in the dialog box allow you to specify license information in different ways.

Pause/Resume Evaluation
Only appears during the evaluation period if there are no valid licenses.
Use this button to pause the evaluation period if you are not using the product for some time.
Use JB Account Tick this check box if you want to use your JetBrains Account to activate the product. A valid dotMemory license should be linked to your account if you want to use this option. For more information, see JetBrains Account help.
Click Add Account ThemedIcon.AddedParameter.Screen.[Color] to specify your JetBrains Account credentials.
Use License Key Tick this check box if you have a valid license key.
Click Add License Key ThemedIcon.AddedParameter.Screen.[Color] to specify the license key.
Use License Server Tick this check box if your company distributes licenses for JetBrains products through the JetBrains licence server,
Click Add License Server ThemedIcon.AddedParameter.Screen.[Color] to specify license server address if it was not discovered automatically. You can also click the Request Permanent, which opens the Obtain Permanent License dialog box to request a permanent license from the License Server. This can be helpful if you use JetBrains License Server but plan to work without access to the corporate network.

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Last modified: 19 August 2016