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namespace Namespace
ThemedIcon Assembly Screen Gray Assembly
ThemedIcon Interface Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Interface
array interface Array of an interface
ThemedIcon Class Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Reference type
array type Array of a reference type
ThemedIcon Struct Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Struct type
array simple type Array of a struct type
ThemedIcon Enum Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Enumeration
array enum Array of an enumeration
ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotMemoryGuiResourcesGuiXamlDelegate Screen Gray Delegate type

Views for instances

ThemedIcon Field Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Field
ThemedIcon UnresolvedField Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Field of an undetermined type
ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotMemoryGuiResourcesGuiXamlGroup0 Screen Gray .. ThemedIcon JetBrainsDotMemoryGuiResourcesGuiXamlGroup9 Screen Gray Instance marked with a number. Learn more in Marking an Instance
mark color Instance marked with a random or custom color. Learn more in Marking an Instance

Views for creation stack traces

ThemedIcon JsFunction Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Method
ThemedIcon Constructor Screen SymbolsVs11Gray Constructor
Last modified: 20 August 2018