dotMemory 2018.2 Help

.NET Process

.NET Process type of profiling allows you to profile any managed application that is started after clicking Run.

After you click Run, the main dotMemory window will appear. From this point on, dotMemory is ready to hook into any managed application that is launched.

Filtering Child Processes

If you want to profile only specific child processes, you can set up a process filter. The filter is a semicolon-separated list of process names that must not be profiled.

To use a process filter

  1. Select Profile child processes.

  2. In Excluding, add process name masks separated by semicolon (;).

Important notes:

  • The default policy is "profile all".

  • There can be only "exclude" masks. Therefore, any filter mask you add means "do not profile anything that matches this mask".

  • The asterisk * wildcard is supported.

For example, if you add the service* mask, all processes which name starts with service will be ignored by the profiler.

Last modified: 21 December 2018