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Profiler Options

Profiler Options allow you to configure the profiling process.

  • Control profiling manually
    Enables you to control profiling manually via the profiler controls. For example, to take a snapshot, you will have to click the Get Snapshot button.
    • Collect memory allocation and traffic data from start*
      If selected, dotMemory will start collecting creation stack traces data right after the app launch. Otherwise, dotMemory will start collecting these data only after you click the Collect Allocations button in the profiling controls.
      Use this option to defer collecting allocation data. This may be convenient in case you need to profile only a certain app functionality and do not want dotMemory to slow down the profiled app during other time periods.
  • Control profiling via API
    Enables you to control profiling directly from the code of the profiled application. For example, to take a snapshot in the exact point of your code. Learn more about using the API in Controlling Profiling Process Through API. Note that when controlling profiling via API, collecting allocation data is disabled. To collect allocation data, you should use the MemoryProfiler.EnableAllocations() method.

Last modified: 15 March 2019

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