dotMemory 2020.3 Help

Web Applications Using IIS

Before you start profiling a web application make sure that:

  • IIS is installed on your computer.

  • Your web application is deployed to IIS.

  • Caching in your web browser is disabled. Alternatively, use Ctrl+F5 to manually refresh the page that is running the profiled application.

  • dotMemory is run on behalf of Administrator.

Normally, you should not specify any options, as dotMemory automatically attaches itself to IIS after you start a profiling session.

Optionally you can specify the following parameters:

  • Use environment variables
    Enables you to run the profiled application with specific environment variables. You can specify any number of variables using the list below the option. Note that each variable must be specified on a new line.

  • Open URL
    URL to invoke the web application.

  • in browser
    A browser that should run the application. The default system browser is pre-selected.

Last modified: 05 April 2021