dotMemory Web Help

The Retained by view shows the list of dominators - objects that exclusively retain the selected instance in memory.

Use this view to identify what objects prevent the instance from being collected.

The view is almost identical to the Retained by view of the object set.


The list of dominators consists of the following columns:

Name Description
Type Type name.
Retained bytes The overall size of exclusively retained objects in bytes.

What Can I Analyze Next?

In the Retained by view, you can select the following subjects for further analysis:

  • An instance
    To select a particular instance for analysis, double click on it in the list. Another way to do it is the context menu: right-click on the interested instance and choose Open this instance.
    After this, the [Type_name] subject will be added to the Analysis Path and you can use specific instance views to analyze the instance in more details.

  • Retained object set
    To see what objects are exclusively retained by a certain instance, right-click on the instance in the list and choose Open objects retained by this instance.
    After this, the Retained objects subject will be added to the Analysis Path and the list of retained objects will be displayed in the Type List view.