dotMemory Web Help


The specific of profiling IIS-hosted web applications is that dotMemory actually profiles not a certain application but an application pool the app is running on. For this reason, if the pool is shared between a number of apps, memory snapshots will contain objects of all apps in the pool. In some cases, that might be useful, for example, when profiling related web services running on the same pool. Nevertheless, if you want to profile a web app separately, it is recommended that you run it on a dedicated pool.

In order to profile a Web Application using IIS Express, you should specify the following options:

  • Server
    The version of IIS Express that should run the application. Depending on your operating system and installed .NET framework versions, this list will yield different options.
  • Configuration file
    Run IIS Express using the default configuration file. If this option is selected, the web site that should be run also have to be selected.
  • Application path
    Do not use the configuration file but run another application. Specify the full path to the application here.
  • Run Browser
    If you check this option, you can provide additional properties:
    • Url
      The Url to invoke the web application.
    • Browser
      A browser that should run the application you profile. The default system browser is pre-selected.