dotMemory Web Help

Web Applications are running on a WebDev Server during development.

In order to profile this kind of application, you should specify the following parameters:

  • Server
    Full path to the WebDev Server. Typically, dotMemory automatically detects this parameter.
  • Application path
    Full path to the root folder of the web application.
  • Run browser
    Optionally you can specify whether dotMemory should launch the browser. If you check this option, you can provide additional information:
    • Virtual Path
      The virtual path to start the application.
    • Port
      The HTTP port used by the server. By default, 80.
    • AutoDetect Port
      If checked, dotMemory will automatically try to detect the HTTP port.


dotMemory cannot automatically shut down the server when exiting a profiling session. As such, when trying to run a second profiling session, you might receive an error. In order to solve the problem, you should shut down the WebDev server by clicking Stop or exiting it. The application icon normally sits in the System Tray.