dotMemory 2024.1 Help

Creation Stack Trace

The Creation Stack Trace view shows the stack trace responsible for creating a selected instance.

Use this view to answer the question "What function has created the object?" This view is similar to the Back Traces view used for analyzing object sets.

Calls are shown starting from the one that directly created the instance descending to the first call in the stack.

The list of calls consists of the following columns:




Function name.


The namespace a call belongs to.

Select objects for further analysis

In the Creation Stack Trace view, you can select the following subjects for further analysis:

To select the objects that are exclusively retained by the analyzed objects set

  • Click the Open retained objects Open objects retained by this set button.

    After this, the Exclusively retained objects subject will be added to the Analysis Path and the list of desired objects will be displayed in the Group by Types view.

Last modified: 10 April 2024