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Outgoing References

The Outgoing References view shows the detailed information on a particular instance, like the list of objects referenced from the instance, instance fields including their values, and other.

Use the Outgoing References view to thoroughly inspect an instance that seems you suspicious (may cause a memory problem).

The view shows you the list containing:

  • Fields
    These are instance's fields of simple types (int, bool, and so on). Fields also include their values taken on the moment of getting a snapshot. The value of a certain field can be copied into the clipboard using the Ctrl+C combination.

  • References
    These are objects referenced from the instance including information about their fields.

The list of instance's references consists of the following columns:

TypeType name.
AddressVirtual memory address of the instance.
References countThe number of objects referenced from a certain instance.
BytesThe size of a certain instance in bytes.
Retained bytesThe overall size in bytes of all objects exclusively retained by a certain instance.


Outgoing References example

Selecting objects for further analysis

In the Outgoing References view, you can select the following subjects for further analysis:

To select a particular instance

  • Do one of the following:

    • Double-click the instance in the list.

    • Right-click the instance and choose Open this instance.

    After this, the Outgoing reference subject is added to the Analysis Path and you can use specific instance views to analyze the instance in more details.

To select the objects that are exclusively retained by the analyzed instance

  • Click the Open retained objects Open objects retained by this set button.

    After this, the Retained objects subject will be added to the Analysis Path and the list of desired objects will be displayed in the Group by Types view.

Last modified: 08 March 2021