dotMemory 2021.2 Help

dotMemory Options in Visual Studio

When dotMemory is integrated into Visual Studio, it can be configured using the Options window (can be opened via ReSharper | Options). The dotMemory | General page contains all dotMemory configuration settings.

Workspace files locationThe path to a folder where dotMemory will store saved workspace files.
Auto-delete unpinned workspaces that were not opened in last N daysThe number of days workspaces must not be opened to qualify for auto-deletion.
Show unmanaged memory on timeline by defaultSelect this checkbox if you want dotMemory to show unmanaged memory on the timeline graph during a profiling session.
Clear Exception Browser history on exitThe log of exceptions occurred during your work in dotMemory is stored in the Exception Browser window. Select this checkbox if you want Exception Browser to clear the log upon closing dotMemory.
Support navigation from dotMemory to source codeEnable navigation from dotMemory views to type declaration in Visual Studio.
Last modified: 08 March 2021