dotMemory 2021.2 Help

Run dotMemory

You can launch dotMemory in three ways:

  • Standalone
    Recommended if you do not have application's source code or you do not want to start an IDE to perform profiling. dotMemory installs in the Windows Start Menu for easy access.

    Run standalone dotMemory

    Learn how to start a profiling session in the standalone installation of dotMemory.

  • Visual Studio
    Recommended if you want to profile an existing project running under Visual Studio. To run dotMemory from Visual Studio, open a project and select the ReSharper | Profile | Run Startup Project Memory Profiling... menu.

    Run dotMemory in Visual Studio

    Learn how to start a profiling session from Visual Studio.

  • The command-line tool
    Recommended if you want to perform profiling on a remote server or automate the profiling process. For more details refer to Use dotMemory Command-Line Profiler.

Last modified: 08 March 2021