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Coursera Programming Assignments

Kotlin for Java Developers

Kotlin for Java Developers is a Coursera course by Svetlana Isakova and Andrey Breslav.

This course is for you if you're an experienced developer who knows Java and wants to learn nuances of Kotlin and its differences from Java. After completing the course, you'll be able to use Kotlin for your own project development and in your daily work. Note that this course doesn't cover the programming fundamentals, it only highlights what is new and different.

The course includes programming assignments for learners. You should solve all the assignments using JetBrains Educational Products.


Choosing an assignment

  1. When installed for the first time, the IDE asks if you're a Learner or an Educator. Please choose Learner:

    Choose a role
  2. To open the list of available programming assignments, select Learn | Start Coursera Assignment from the Welcome Screen or the File Menu:

    Coursera assignments in IntelliJ IDEA
    Coursera assignments in Android Studio
  3. Choose the course week you need to solve assignments for and click the Join button to proceed:

    Choose an assignment

Getting started

  1. Now you're ready to start programming. Take a closer look at the week assignments. Go to View | Tool Windows | Project or press Alt+1. The third week has two assignments: Nice String and Taxi Park. Each of the assignments has all the files needed to solve it as well as tests that can help to check your solution before submitting:

    Browse week assignemnts
  2. Let's start with the first assignment of the week, Nice String. Read the assignment's description on the Task Description panel (View | Tool Windows | Task Description):

    Read an assignment description
  3. In the Editor you will find a TODO() placeholder where you need to place your code:

    Go to code

Testing your solution

  1. Once you're ready with your solution, you can test it using build-in tests. Open the TestNiceStrings.kt file in the Editor and run all the tests with Run Menu or Ctrl+Shift+F10 shortcut:

    Run tests
  2. If any of the tests fail, preview the error messages, make the required fixes, and ensure all the tests are green:

    Failed tests
    Passed tests

Submitting to Coursera

  1. When all the tests have been successfully passed, it's time to submit your assignment to Coursera. Use the Submit to Coursera button at the bottom of the Task Description panel:

    Submit ti Coursera
  2. Enter your Coursera credentials. Follow the link in the dialog to obtain your token:

    Coursera credentials

    You will be redirected to Coursera where you can get your current token or generate a new one:

    Coursera token
  3. Get back to the IDE and fill in the Email and Token fields:

    Coursera credentials
  4. Congratulations! Your submission was sent to Coursera:

    Successful submission
  5. Please use the check the status on Coursera link to make sure your submission has been graded:

    Submission status
    Submission graded
  6. Please note, you can always use the Reset icon to restart your assignment:

    Reset an assignment

    You can also leave your feedback using the Comment icon:

    Leave a comment
  7. Now, you can switch to the next programming assignment. Click the Next icon at the top of the Task Description panel:

    Switch to the next assignment
Last modified: 16 April 2019