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Codeforces Contests

Codeforces is a platform that hosts competitive programming contests. As a learner, you can improve your programming skills by participating in contests with varying levels of difficulty.

With Educational Tools support, you can join programming contests and test your solutions right inside IDEs based on the JetBrains IntelliJ Platform.

Choose your IDE

You can join contests in IntelliJ IDEA PyCharm WebStorm Android Studio CLion GoLand with the EduTools plugin installed.

If you are using a different supported IDE, switch to it by using the Section drop-down menu at the top of the page:

Choose your IDE
Choose your IDE
Choose your IDE
Choose your IDE
Choose your IDE
Choose your IDE

Download IntelliJ IDEA Edu or Install EduTools Plugin if you already have IntelliJ IDEA Community or Ultimate.

Download PyCharm Edu or Install EduTools Plugin if you already have PyCharm Community or Professional.

Download Android Studio and Install EduTools Plugin.

Download WebStorm and Install EduTools Plugin.

Download CLion and Install EduTools Plugin.

Download GoLand and Install EduTools Plugin.

Getting started with Codeforces

Joining a contest

  1. On first installation, EduTools asks if you're a Learner or an Educator. Choose Learner:

    Choose your role

    If you don't have this window, proceed to the next step. The role can be changed any time in Help | Enable Course Creator Features.

  2. To join a Codeforces contest, go to the My Courses tab on the Welcome Screen , click and select Start Codeforces Contest:

    edu start codeforces contest idea png
    edu start codeforces contest pycharm png
    edu start codeforces contest webstorm png
    edu start codeforces contest studio png
    edu start codeforces contest clion png
    edu start codeforces contest goland png

    You can also access this dialog by going File | Learn | Start Codeforces Contest:

    edu file menu start coursera assignment png
  3. If you have a link to the contest you want to join, enter it in the Contest URL field and click OK:

    edu codeforces contest url png

    Or click View all contests… to see a list of all available contests:

    edu codeforces view all contests png

    Start typing the contest name to activate the search box:

    edu codeforces search contest png

    Choose one of the contests from the list, click Select, and then click OK.

  4. Choose your language and programming language and click OK:

    edu codeforces choose contest languages png
  5. Click Start or Join, and wait for the contest to load:

    edu codeforces start or join contest png

Getting around

  1. You can now browse the contest. Go to View | Tool Windows | Project or press Alt+1 to explore the problems list:

    edu codeforces problems list png
  2. Every problem has a Main.* file where you need to write your solution to complete the contest challenge. Use the Editor to write your solution:

    edu codeforces editor png
  3. You can read the description of the problem by using the Task Description view in View | Tool Windows | Task:

    edu codeforces task description png

Getting started

  1. Now you're ready to start programming. Read the problem description:

    edu codeforces problem description png

    Click Open on Codeforces to open the problem in your browser.

  2. When you are ready, verify your solution by clicking Run Local Tests at the bottom of the Task Description View. If your solution passes the local tests, the Submit solution button will appear:

    edu codeforces run local tests png
  3. Open a web browser and log in to your Codeforces account. If you don’t have one yet, register here.

  4. Go back to the IDE and click Submit solution, and you’ll be redirected to your browser. Now fill out the submission form and click Submit:

    edu codeforces submit solution png
  5. Your submission is now available in the My submissions tab:

    edu codeforces my submissions png

    Since your submission is being graded on a full test suite, its verdict will appear once the testing is finished.

Coping with mistakes

  1. If verification fails, you will get a message that displays which tests failed:

    edu codeforces failed tests png
  2. Click Compare Outputs… to see the diff between expected and actual outputs:

    edu codeforces compare outputs png
  3. You can also add your own custom tests and verify your solution with them. To do so, create a subdirectory in the TestData directory and put two files into it: input.txt and output.txt:

    edu codeforces custom tests png
  4. Stay determined and don’t give up!

Last modified: 11 December 2020