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Courses at Marketplace

This tutorial will walk you through uploading and managing your courses at Marketplace. Before moving forward with this guide, you will need to check out our Educator Start Guide.

Marketplace is a plugin and course repository where developers and educators from all over the world can share their knowledge and skills. The courses at Marketplace are specifically designed to provide hands-on experience inside JetBrains IDEs.

If you are interested in publishing paid courses, email us at

Editing course information

Prior to uploading your course to Marketplace, you may want to modify its description and other information. Go to File | Course Creator | Edit Course Information and modify the parameters within the course-info.yaml file:

Edu courses at marketplace yaml

The vendor parameter is additional and should be modified only if the course author is from the organization.

Uploading courses

To upload your courses to Marketplace, you’ll first need to open an account. Fill out this form to create a new JetBrains account, or sign in using your existing Google, GitHub, or BitBucket account.

Once you have registered, open your IDE, go to Settings/Preferences | Tools | Education | Marketplace, and click Log in to Marketplace. You’ll see the authorization page in your browser. Once authorized, go back to your IDE.

Go to File | Course Creator and select the Upload Course to Marketplace option to upload your course:

Edu courses at marketplace upload to marketplace

It will take 2-3 days for the course to be approved by our moderators. In the meantime, the course will not be visible in the Browse Courses dialog and cannot be updated. You’ll get an email notification once it has been approved.

Edu courses at marketplace successfully uploaded

Once the course has been approved, you will be able to apply the latest changes to your course by going to File | Course Creator and selecting Update Course on Marketplace.

Managing courses

Now you will be able to check out your course’s page at Marketplace:

Edu courses at marketplace course page

On the Overview tab, you can view your course’s detailed statistics:

Edu courses at marketplace overview

Also, here you can modify some information about the course:

Edu courses at marketplace course info

To manage the versions of your course, go to the Versions tab:

Edu courses at marketplace versions tab

Check the ratings and reviews on the Reviews page:

Edu courses at marketplace reviews

To see the list of all your courses, click on the right of your profile name, select My Profile, and then select My Courses:

Edu courses at marketplace my courses
Last modified: 27 April 2021