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JetBrains Academy

JetBrains Academy is a project-based learning platform. With JetBrains Academy, you can learn to program by creating working applications.

JetBrains Academy has Java, Kotlin, and Python tracks with more to come.

Choose your programming language

Go ahead and read about JavaKotlinPython. Or switch to a different programming language using the Section drop-down menu at the top of the page:

Edu choose language java
Edu choose language kotlin
Edu choose language python

Getting started

Select a Track

  1. If you’re just starting out and taking your first steps with JavaKotlinPython, you can get your journey off to a good start by following our Java Kotlin Python Track:

    Java Onboarding
    Kotlin Onboarding
    Python Onboarding

  2. You will need to choose your level and pick a project that interests you:

    Select Java project
    Select Kotlin project
    Select Python project

  3. Now you’re ready to register/log in and start learning.

Working with a project

Project structure

  1. Each project has learning outcomes and is split into stages. Stages help you progress from simple to more advanced code, allowing you to add more functionality to your working app at each stage:

    Continue this project
    Continue this project
    Continue this project
  2. Each stage of a project includes a list of topics you need to complete to progress with the stage:

    Personal curriculum
    Personal curriculum
    Personal curriculum
  3. Each topic focuses on explaining one concept in detail using multiple examples of the relevant code. Topics can take around 15 minutes to complete:

    Theory topic
    Theory topic
    Theory topic
  4. Each topic has quizzes and code challenges that you can solve in your browser:

    Theory task
    Theory task
    Theory task
    Code challenge
    Code challenge
    Code challenge

    … or right inside IntelliJ IDEA:

    … or right inside IntelliJ IDEA or Android Studio:

    … or right inside PyCharm:

    Edu jba solve in ide java
    Edu jba solve in ide kotlin
    Edu jba solve in ide python
    Edu jba code challenge ide java
    Edu jba code challenge ide kotlin
    Edu jba code challenge ide python

Working with IDE

  1. The IDE can help you with the code challenges, thanks to its advanced code analysis and quick-fix options:

    Edu jba code inspections java
    Edu jba code inspections kotlin
    Edu jba code inspections python
  2. We recommend building all the project stages right inside the IDE:

    Edu jba build project java
    Edu jba build project kotlin
    Edu jba build project python
  3. Switch to the Topics tab to see what topics are required for the current stage:

    Edu jba topics for stage java
    Edu jba topics for stage kotlin
    Edu jba topics for stage python
  4. Once your solution is ready, click Check to validate your solution:

    Edu jba check correct java
    Edu jba check correct kotlin
    Edu jba check correct python
  5. Click Peek Solution to see other learners' solutions:

    Edu jba check panel
  6. Go to the Submissions tab to compare your current solution with your previous submissions:

    Edu jba submissions tab java
    Edu jba submissions tab kotlin
    Edu jba submissions tab python
  7. Click Jb academy to see which user account is currently logged in:

    Edu jba user logged in

    For manual checking of available project updates, click Synchronize project.

    If you click your username, you will see your user profile at JetBrains Academy in your browser.

  8. Once you have completed the project, you can tweet your results with our funny GIFs:

    Edu jba tweet

Publish to GitHub

  1. When the project is ready, it can be uploaded to your portfolio on GitHub:

    Edu jba publish to github java
    Edu jba publish to github kotlin
    Edu jba publish to github python
  2. Specify the link to your public repository and click Save:

    Edu jba github repository java
    Edu jba github repository kotlin
    Edu jba github repository python
Last modified: 17 February 2021