Fleet 1.0 Help

Tips and tricks

This topic provides a list of tips and tricks that will make your journey with Fleet more productive and enjoyable.

Relative paths for new files

When you are creating a new file, you can use . and .. in its name. For example, ../file will create a file in the parent directory.

New file relative

Attach multiple directories

You can attach more than one directory to a workspace.

  1. Press ⌘⇧K and start typing Attach. Select the Attach action.

    Attach action
  2. Select a directory. The selected directory gets attached alongside the existing one.

    Attach directory

View key bindings

If you want to know which key bindings exist in Fleet, you can get them in list format.

  • Press ⌘⇧K and start typing Keymap. Select the Keymap action.

    Keymap action

    The list of key bindings appears.

Change color themes

Fleet has several built-in color themes to choose from.

  • Press ⌃` to switch themes.

    Select color themes
Last modified: 02 May 2022